Staging Services & Cost

Staging with our furniture and accessories:

  • Staging an empty home: average cost 80 cents per square foot

  • Stage one room, main rooms, or all rooms

  • Furniture and accessories stay for three months or until the home sells, whichever comes first. If for some reason the home hasn’t sold in three months an extension can be negotiated. 

Staging with your furniture:

  • Staging your home with your furniture: $100 per hour 


  • Verbal Consultation: $100 per hour - Most consultations take one hour. Luke comes to your home and advises you how to improve the arrangement of furniture and accessories.

Menu of Options

Full Staging - All rooms staged with furnishing, accessories and artwork. Providing this level of staging is optimum for potential buyers to visualize their own belongings in the space. 

Light Staging - Only the main rooms (living, dining, master bedroom & bath) are staged with furnishings, accessories and artwork.

Accessories Only - Main rooms or entire space staged with only accessories and artwork; no furniture.

Hourly - Consultation with home owners offering advice on staging with their own furnishings to highlight the homes best features.

Seller's Furniture - Staging with seller's furniture and accessories. 

Full Staging